• Responsible for significant funding as Principal Investigator. Separate funding in significant amounts was secured from Rolls Royce PLC for funding the Oxford University core research program in heat transfer and aerodynamics with 4 or 5 different investigators. In addition, also joined several other projects, by taking over from another Principal Investigator, also with significant funding amounts.
  • 2006 to 2009, 23 papers published in international archival journals, 2 book chapters published, and 15 presented conference publications.
  • Management of the Thermo-Fluids Osney Laboratory with overall responsibility for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the laboratory, including monitoring of the safety of a variety of numerous advanced experimental research facilities.
  • Director of the Rolls-Royce UTC (University Technology Centre) in Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics with overall responsibility for negotiating and delivering the research program for Rolls Royce PLC.
  • Secured funding from the John Fell Fund, the Southeastern England Development Agency, and the UCSF Research Fund from ISIS Innovation Ltd to establish a Micro-Fluidic Laboratory for investigation of techniques for separation and analysis of biological nanoparticles.
  • Assisted in the development of plans to re-locate the entire Turbomachinery Laboratory to a newer more modern location.
  • Led a successful application for £770k funding for laboratory upgrade and re-location from the South-East England Development Agency.
  • Principal Investigator on a successful proposal to secure support for a Professorial Fellow from the Southeastern England Development Agency.
  • Contributed to the turbomachinery section of the Department of Engineering Science submission for the RAE2008 Research Evaluation.
  • Active in broadening the research portfolio of the Turbomachinery Laboratory to include new research activities in the areas of micro-fluidics and nano-particle flows, and micro-pumps.
  • Participation in the Electoral Board for the successful appointment of a new Professor of Computational Aerothermal Engineering.
  • Teaching the following courses: (i) Turbomachinery, (ii) Advanced Convection Heat Transfer, (iii) Thermodynamic Machines.
  • Other additional contracts and grants secured from other research sponsors.
  • Secured £130,000 from Rolls Royce PLC for development of an innovative new High Speed Linear Cascade research facility. This facility is now operational and producing archival quality data.
  • Introduced infrared thermography measurement techniques to the Thermo-Fluids Osney Laboratory.
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